S2 Ep5 – Something Quite New in Digital Sport

In this week’s show, we interview Dan McLaren, Head of Digital at SQN: Sine Qua Non.

Topics Covered

  • You’ve been in the world of sports for a number of years – what’re the biggest changes you’ve seen with fan behaviours
  • In terms of where the industry is going what do you think is a must have for any sports right holder to be future proof?
  • Snog, marry, avoid-  Influencers/Ambassador activations, VR, IoT
  • You’ve been interviewing many people in the sports industry, who has been your favourite interviewee and why/what happened
  • What’s your top 3 most interesting sports industry events to attend – where have you learnt the most
  • Platforms like OTRO and Copa90 – what are the challenges these guys face when they don’t own the sports rights, how will they keep relevant, especially when the barrier to producing this type of content is low.

Dan also interviewed Joe on the Something Quite New Podcast go check it out.

Apologies for any audio issues on this episode, we had some technical challenges.

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Enjoy the episode!


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