S1 Ep6 – Marketing & Operations

In this week’s show, we interview Jon Landau. Jon is an experienced leader in high-growth, B2B companies and an early pioneer of customer success strategies to drive engagement, value and growth across an enterprise client base. Huddle is just one of those high growth companies.

In this episode we Tim chats with Jon about how we should more tightly integrating Marketing, Operations and Customer Success departments more closely together.

In addition to the interview with Jon, in this episode, Tim and Joe speak about mindfulness and meditation apps, plus the ONE question you need to answer positively to determine whether your relationship will last (based on eHarmony science).

We hope you take a ton away from the episode (I know we did) and, as always, let us know how we can improve the show and any topics you would like us to cover in future episodes.

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Enjoy the episode!

Tim & Joe

6 years ago

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