S1 Ep2 – High Performing Marketing Teams

We had hoped to have Simon Farrant VP Marketing @ Perform Group on, talking about building high performing marketing teams but due to (fortunate) (un)foreseen circumstances he was not able to make it and Tim and I had to wing it… fortunately for you, Tim and I have a bit of experience in this field and share some of our learnings. (That’s Joe in the picture winning Marketing Team of the Year 2017 and the B2B People Awards). And don’t worry we’ll have Simon on another podcast sometime soon.

We centered the conversation around a recently released 2-year study by Google on what makes successful teams, which covered:

  • How to build psychological safety within the team
  • Dependability
  • Structure and clarity
  • Meaning of work, is it easy to make it personally important for each team member in what they do, over and above the pay cheque?
    Great little diagram here -> https://www.instagram.com/p/BY5pwfHFkbQ/
  • The impact of work, how do you share the wins and losses with the team, and make them feel what they are doing matters?

You can read more about the study on googles rework site.

We then reflected on the last podcast around Machine Learning, AI and what it means for personalisation a study by Emarsys showed that the brands who are getting the most out or the Marketing Intelligence movement are those who are either small enough or agile enough to make big changes to their data layer and marketing organisations or bigger enterprises looking at ways to get their data in order and tackle small meaningful initiatives. More on that here:

We also highlighted new developments from:

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